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polylac - Vision Acrylic - Ultra High Gloss PVC - Super Matte


polylac is an ecological multi-layered decorative panel, with the highest scratch and heat resistance on the market. It also has the highest gloss level in the industry with a mirror-like reflection.

polylac panel is made by pressing a high-density decorative panel to E-1 rated MDF. A specially developed bio-optimised transparent PET film is then laminated on the surface to protect it from external factors.

polylac panels

Chestnut Crosscut 9162

Hamptons 9172

White 9511

Cream 9520

Light Grey 9527

Titanium 9545

Licorice Rift 9120

Fumed Oak 9130

Expresso Walnut 9140

Grey Static 9142

Vanilla Crosscut 9160

Vision Acrylic panels are made with Senosan® AM1800TopX high gloss lacquered acrylic films. With their unmistakeable surface and depth effect, they offer a gloss effect like no other material. They can be distinguished by enormous scratch resistance, UV resistance and environment friendly features. All products are exactly matched as required to their target group of furniture manufacturers, suppliers, laminators and designers. With the new quality of Vision Acrylic senosan® AM1800TopX, a new film with enormous scratch resistance has been developed. The benefits of Vision Acrylic senosan® AM1800TopX panels are:

  • Excellent scratch resistance (scour resistant)
  • Enormous chemical resistance
  • No polishing of the surface after removal of protective film
  • Increased UV resistance
Vision White AS10
Vision Black AS40
Vision Grey AS35

Ultra High Gloss - UHG

UHG Panels are typically PVC or PET laminated on E-1 Type MDF.

High Gloss and Super Matte Panels are manufactured to meet internationally recognized quality standards and will suit any residential or commercial project where a ripple free, easy to maintain high gloss or matte finish is desired.

Ultra High Gloss - Super Matte panels

UHG White 6010

UHG Black 6040

UHG Grey 6035

UHG Inox 6170

Super Matte White S010

Super Matte Black S040

Super Matte Grey S036


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Polylac Flame Test

Polylac 45 Degree Assembly

VISION UV and Scratch Test

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